What is the composition of solar street lights? Is it good to use? Sol – cubixmall

What is the composition of solar street lights? Is it good to use? Solar Cubic tell you

What is the composition of solar street lights? Is it good to use? Solar Cubic tell you



Although solar street lights are not a new thing, but some friends are not very familiar with solar street lights, then what is the composition of solar street lights? Is it good to use? Today, the source manufacturer Solar Cubic original finishing tells you.

Not only manufacturers, municipal engineering buyers, engineering companies, but also want to know what the solar street lights are made of clearly, so it is good to see what, because only in this way can clearly understand the comparison between solar street lights and traditional outdoor lighting Go pick.

What is the composition of solar street lights?

Solar streetlights are actually an independent power generation lighting system. It is not entirely complicated to say that it is complicated, but it is simpler and more complicated than LED street lights. The main components of solar street lamps are: solar panels (solar panels), solar panels are divided into single crystal silicon, polycrystalline silicon, and single crystal silicon is better in performance, mainly reflected in charging power, and the price is relatively expensive; (including light source),

There are many styles of solar street lamp heads, mainly aluminum raw materials, the center is the light source, the light source is currently using LED light source, which is divided into two kinds of high-power light source and lamp bead light source, and the brand of light source is also worthy of attention. The commonly used ones are Taiwan Jingyuan, American Puri, etc. Different brands mark different qualities and prices are different; solar street lamp batteries and batteries are also divided into several types.Commonly used are colloidal batteries, lead-acid batteries, the current use of the most advanced lithium battery,


This is mainly to see the demand, look at the region. The other is the solar street light controller. The control center of the system is on the controller. The good solar street light controller plays an important role in energy saving and the service life of the light source. Nowadays, the intelligent constant current controller is generally used.


On the one hand, it replaces the power supply effect of LED street lamps, and on the one hand, it is useful for multi-operation mode, lighting switch, and the like. Finally, it is the light pole. The price of the light pole depends on the material. The treatment method of the light pole is also worthy of attention. Generally, the whole hot-dip galvanizing and anti-corrosion surface treatment are used. Solar Cubic Optoelectronics has been doing this for 15 years. The lamp pole has been used for more than 10 years.

 How about solar street light exactly?

Is the solar street light really good? What is a mode of operation? I think we all want to know. Solar street lights When there is sun in the daytime, when the sun shines on the solar panels, the solar panels will be charged, and the charging is naturally stored in the battery. When it is necessary to light up at night, the battery will discharge power through the inverter to supply power to the light source for normal operation. The whole process is completed by the solar street light controller. The solar controller can set the lighting time and the distribution of the lighting power, such as 100% brightness in the first 4 hours of the night and 50% brightness in the last 4 hours, which is more energy-saving. . It is also very important for solar street light ratios.


The right ratio is important. The so-called ratio is reasonable, that is, the wattage of the light source, the power of the solar panel, the capacity of the battery are assembled according to the demand, not to say the bigger the better. For example, 50W solar panels, conventional charging is not enough to fill the battery of 200AH, then if the solar energy and the battery are just right, it will not form a waste of resources, other, 50W light source, 40AH battery is not enough to let solar energy The street lamp adheres to the rainy days of more than 2 days. All in all, solar street lights as an independent system, the ratio is reasonable is very important.

The above is the introduction of the solar street light direct selling manufacturers - Solar Cubic original finishing solar street lights, in the end, if you want to know more, welcome to contact us.

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