Solar lights - Environmentally friendly and practical highlights in th – cubixmall

Solar lights - Environmentally friendly and practical highlights in the garden

Solar lights - Environmentally friendly and practical highlights in the garden

Solar lamps you can use versatile and above all practical. For example, they do not need any power and therefore no power connection. Therefore, you can place a solar light anywhere or put as a spike in the ground. So you do not have to worry about how you have to lay the cable in the garden and buried. This is also environmentally friendly, as no limited resources need to be used. The solar cells are made of silicon, which is the second most abundant element in the earth's crust.

How do solar lights work?
Purpose of solar lights
Install solar lights
What types of solar lights are there?
Differences in solar lights
You should pay attention to this when buying solar lights
How long do solar lights shine?
How long do solar lights have to charge?
How do I clean solar lamps?
Why do solar lights need batteries?


Most solar lamps can be self-powered by a twilight sensor when it gets dark. So in the evening you always have lighting in the garden that you do not have to worry about. Besides, they hardly need to be serviced. Your batteries should be replaced every few years when they become weak. Therefore, you should always make sure that your solar lights have replaceable batteries.


How do solar lights work?
Solar lights are powered by photovoltaic with solar energy. This is a technology that uses solar cells to absorb and store solar energy and pass it on to the light source.


Solarzellen bestehen aus mehreren Schichten

Du willst es genauer wissen? Die Solarzelle hat mehrere Schichten, wovon die obere positiv und die untere negativ geladen ist. Dazwischen befindet sich noch eine Schicht, die mit Elektronen besetzt ist, die sich zum Pluspol bewegen, sobald Sonnenlicht auf die Solarzelle trifft. Die Zelle wird zusätzlich von einer leitenden Metallschicht darüber und darunter umgeben, die über den Akku miteinander verbunden ist. Diese nimmt Elektronen auf, die zum Pluspol wandern und lässt dadurch Spannung entstehen. Es fließt Strom – also doch keine Zauberei!


Tolle Solarleuchten bei Lumizil entdecken:




Purpose of solar lights
Solar lights have developed quite well, from the weak decorative light to a fully functional outdoor lighting. No matter if you need light indoors, on the balcony, on the terrace, in the last corner of your garden, on the campsite, on the beach or at the driveway to your house.

Solar lamps Environmentally friendly and practical highlights in the garden

Some solar lights are equipped with earth spikes, others are standing or hanging. For example, light your way to the house with solar lights to the left and right of the driveway.


You can illuminate statues and works of art in the garden, illuminate your pool or set decorative figures up the outside staircase. Also, fairy lights on your patio veranda or just laid on the table, give a good figure. Your imagination knows no bounds, because you do not need to worry about installing the solar light. Just put it where sunlight can go and you're done. You can also use solar lamps to conjure up romantic light on the terrace or balcony, by simply decorating jam jars with solar lights and creating your own lamp.

Install solar lights
Acquired solar lights can only be used outdoors and must be exposed to direct sunlight. In places in the shade, under roofs or under trees, a solar light can not be installed. Also, do not place them near artificial lighting such as a street lamp. The reason for this is the built-in twilight sensor, which is otherwise not activated. In a brighter light incidence your lamp would be deceived and does not turn on automatically. Solar lights can also affect each other, so they should not be placed too close to each other. The first time you use it, the battery should be charged for two days, or even 10 days in cloudy weather, so as not to risk permanently minimized battery power.


What types of solar lights are there?
Betebuddha solar light for your new garden

Ground spikes
Solar lamps with color changer
Figure lamps
Fairy lights and lanterns
Outdoor wall lights
Smart Home Solar Lamps
Solar lamps with thermometer

From earth spikes to ball lights, from grinning Buddhas to graceful peacocks, playful romantic lanterns to simple path lights: there is hardly a motif that does not exist as a solar light. Even with fairy lights and lanterns solar cells are extremely popular as a source of electricity. Today, solar lights can even be equipped with motion detectors.

Solar lights have to get enough daylight


With these lights, it is important to make sure that they still get daylight. It's best to put them in direct sunlight. There are also beautiful ball lights with color changer, which are available in different colors or with remote control. A special solar light here is the Playbulb Garden, a smart home light that you can put anywhere or plug in with earth spike. This is also controlled by app. Here several Playbulbs can be controlled in parallel and you can let them shine in different colors or provided with lighting effects.

Differences in solar lights
Solar lights are available in different qualities, which also indicates the choice of materials. Luminaires made of stainless steel, nickel or aluminum are usually of higher quality than those made of plastic and thus promise a longer life.

LED solar lights in the test
LED solar lights are now the most recommended solar lamps in the test because they are the most energy efficient. The solar lighting differs in addition in that there are some with and some without on and off button. Some even have a multi-function switch, which makes the light duration or luminosity controllable. You have the choice between longer light duration or higher luminosity. There are also solar lights with replaceable battery and which with integrated battery. You can also purchase winterproof solar lights. There are solar lights with additional features such as color change, thermometer, remote control or motion detectors and control via app.


You should pay attention to this when buying solar lights:

 3x modern color changer with solar function for the garden

The selection of solar lamps is now gigantic, so you can quickly lose track of this. We have the ultimate shopping guide for you, what to look for when buying the solar light:

➢ The lighting duration of the solar lamp is not insignificant. The batteries should have the highest possible capacity and belong at best to the NiMH or Li-Ion battery pack. The average lighting duration is 8-12 hours. Li-ion batteries belong to the newer generation, which work very efficiently.

➢ The luminosity of a solar lamp is just as important, so you get really useful light in your garden or on your balcony. LEDs are very advisable because they require little energy, but still have a high luminosity.

➢ The light color is of course also essential for a cozy garden season, because bluish lights are rather uncomfortable, while warm white or orangestichige garden lamps cosiness for the evening hours. Warm white light is measurable with a light color of 2400-3500 Kelvin, the higher the number, the bluer the light color. For more information about light color we also have our lexicon.

➢ The battery of the solar lamp should be replaceable, so that you can use the lamp for many years.

➢ If possible, the packaging of the solar lamp should contain a recycling symbol to ensure that the lamp can also be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. For example, nickel metal hydride batteries are recyclable.

➢ The life of the lamp is also a factor to consider when buying. An LED has a lifespan of 25,000 to 100,000 light hours and is also resistant. Thus, no filament can burn out as with conventional bulbs.

The most important questions and answers about solar lights are here for you:


How long do solar lights shine?

The average life of a solar lamp is 8-10 hours and varies depending on the model. LED luminaires use less energy and can therefore last longer. The lifetime also depends on how much and how long the lamp has received light.


Discover great solar lights at Lumizil:

LED lanterns solar lamp made of plastic
LED solar light plastic rust-colored

Solar light in Buddha form
Solar light Buddha

Outdoor solar wall lamp made of stainless steel
Solar lamp stainless steel

Floor and solar light with frog and flowerpot holder
Solar light frog with flowerpot

How long do solar lights have to charge?
How long a solar light needs to recharge depends on the amount of sunlight that falls on the light. The amount of light during the day when the sky is not covered is enough to charge the battery. The only exception is the first start-up of the lamp: It should be used two days in the sun and 10 in overcast skies to fully charge the battery. In winter, the sunlight is rather less enough to recharge the batteries of the solar lamp. Most solar lights should be stored in winter so as not to harm the battery. It would be ideal in winter to charge the battery from time to time with a charger.


How do I clean solar lamps?
Solar lights should not come in contact with solvents. Wiping the lamp with a damp cloth is enough to clean it. Especially the solar module you should clean regularly to not reduce the charging power. If there is dirt on the surface, less solar radiation can reach the solar panels.


Why do solar lights need batteries?
Solar lights do not need batteries but rechargeable batteries that can be charged and recharged and recharged. With cheaper models you will find this firmly installed, with more expensive ones are usually used interchangeable. Modern batteries usually have a life of 1000 charging cycles, so you should pay attention to replaceable batteries, if you want to use the lamp longer.

Here you can learn more about the function of solar lights.

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