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NBA president came to China: the storm continued. Many head coaches were asked by the US media to "who you support".

NBA president came to China: the storm continued. Many head coaches were asked by the US media to

"American professional basketball league (NBA) president Adam Shaw arrived in Shanghai on the 9th, trying to calm the storm caused by Rockets general manager Morey's talks in Hong Kong." Hong Kong "South China Morning Post" said on the 9th that Xiao Hua and the NBA in China Market stakeholders meet and control damage continues to expand. However, his arrival failed to prevent the NBA from continuing to resist in the Chinese market. On the 9th, the Shanghai Municipal Sports Association announced that in view of the inappropriate comments made by Morey and the improper attitude of NBA President Xiao Hua, the "2019NBA Fans Night" fan interactive event originally scheduled to be held at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center on the evening of the 9th was given. cancel. On the same day, the NBA Lakers and the Nets were also cancelled in Shanghai on the evening of the 9th. CNN said on the 9th that as of the same day, the NBA's 11 major partners in China have all suspended their cooperation with the alliance.

On the afternoon of the 9th, the Global Times reporter saw outside the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center that the billboard of the sponsor Dongfeng Nissan, which was originally located in the square, had been removed. Dongfeng Nissan announced on the 9th that it will suspend all cooperation with the NBA official in China. In addition, the NBA Lakers and the Nets were scheduled to hold a game in Shanghai on the evening of the 9th. The pre-match press conference was cancelled in the afternoon. The "Global Times" reporter saw at the scene that the hotel originally scheduled to be held in the press conference gathered a lot of media, and some fans kept at the door, hoping to see their favorite star. At the same time, the large-scale competition advertisement opposite the hotel is being demolished (pictured).


The impact of Morey’s irrelevant remarks has been extended to all NBA teams, and the head coaches of multiple teams have been asked by the US media to “stand up”. "USA Today" said on the 8th that many head coaches of the NBA remained silent in this incident, such as the Warriors coach Cole, when he was asked about the issue on the same day, "This is an unusual international event, we Many of them don’t understand the situation, and I am like everyone. So I won’t comment further.” The report commented that after the Morey incident, every time the incident sounded, it seemed to aggravate the tension, so the section I wisely leave no comments to avoid the situation getting worse. "Los Angeles Times" quoted the head coach of the NBA's other Clippers, Rivers, on the 8th: "I told the players: Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences. You can enjoy freedom of speech, but what you said There may be consequences, which is why we have to be cautious and consider the possible consequences before the statement." Spurs coach Grepovic clearly expressed support for Xiao Hua on the 8th. According to "USA Today", he praised Xiao Hua for "possibly in the face of possible economic losses, but he still adhered to the principle". "For the freedom of speech, brave voices are extremely remarkable."


"The NBA faces a must-have situation in China," CNN said on the 8th. Morey issued a "probably the most problematic and most destructive tweet in the US business community this year", leaving the Rockets and the NBA in a dilemma. . "They can fire Morey and apologize, but in the US it will be seen as putting profits above freedom of speech and succumbing to China. Or they can support Morey and lose the biggest growth market for basketball." The article said that the NBA did not explain the value of the Chinese professional basketball market. But according to David Carter, executive director of the University of Southern California Sports Business School, the Chinese market currently accounts for at least 10% of NBA revenue. It is expected that China will contribute more in the next decade and may reach 20% of NBA revenue by 2030. “No other market can bring more room for growth in the NBA.”


The American Entertainment and Sports Program Television Network (ES⁃PN) was also accidentally involved. CNN9 reported that the sports website Deadspin broke the news that ESPN executives sent memos to employees, asking that the discussion of the Morey event should avoid Chinese politics, but should focus on basketball. According to reports, some human rights organizations and lawmakers criticized ESPN for “letting China dominate its actions”, but another news flow on the same day showed that ESPN only reiterated the “reporting guide” to some employees, which reminds us of the typical sports perspective of ESPN. Reporting the NBA is in line with its public stance that “sports are far from politics”.

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