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Amazon Afiliate Legendary: can not write code, part-time job, for 1 hour a day, but rely on this site monthly income of 10,000 US dollars

Amazon Afiliate Legendary: can not write code, part-time job, for 1 hour a day, but rely on this site monthly income of 10,000 US dollars


Taking part-time business in your spare time, working one hour a day, can earn $10,000 in monthly income? On the famous foreign forum Reddit, a netizen shared his experience of building a website to realize “lying money to make money”, which caused a heated discussion. What is even more rare is that the enthusiastic netizen unreservedly disclosed the secret of making money, and patiently answered everyone's questions – obviously, this is different from some exaggerated “net earning teaching” and “network training”. . If you also want to use the part-time time to earn some dollars, then follow the growth black box to learn about the experience of this cow!

His net name is TJ. He is in his early 30s and has a formal job – very leisurely, with a lot of time after work. So two years ago, he set up his own website and started making part-time projects to make money:

1. Keep blogging and attract users to visit

2. Join the Amazon affiliate program to add ads for Amazon products on your website.

3. If the user clicks on the ad and then purchases the item, he or she will receive a commission.

Now, the website has a steady income of $10,000-11,000 per month! After removing various expenses (such as writing manuscript fees, server fees, etc.), the net profit can still reach $9,200-10,200. What is even more enviable is that he only needs to spend 5-10 hours a week on the website, and his life is still laid back.

In order to prove that he is not bragging, he also attached a screenshot of the Amazon League revenue:

国外牛人兼职创业:不会写代码,每天工作1小时,却靠这个网站月入1万美金-增长黑盒 - 增长黑客专用工具箱 - 增长黑客社区

In addition, he also mentioned that his commission in the Amazon alliance reached 8.5%.

Let's analyze this website:

First, 8.5% commission means that he brought $120,000 in sales to Amazon sellers! Second, Amazon's commissions are graded - starting at 4%, the more goods sold, the more points you get. The 8.5% commission is the highest level, which means that his website has at least 3,000 orders per month (in terms of sales, the customer price is at least $40, which is quite impressive).

Third, you can see that the conversion rate in the graph is about 15% (that is, the number of orders / visits) - according to 3000 orders, there are 20,000 product advertisement clicks!

Finally, in general, Amazon's ad-related click-through rate is about 50%. According to this ratio, the monthly average traffic of the website is at least 40,000.

On the whole, this is a personal website with high quality and relatively large traffic.

Then the question comes: If beginners want to operate such a project, how do you start? TJ gave his experience in detail:

1. First, conduct market analysis and choose a very broad field as a niche, such as health, fitness, pets, etc. The important thing is that this area must be able to provide enough physical goods.

2. Then, around this topic, create two types of articles:

a. Pure information (such as "21 chicken food practices"), only to meet the needs of readers, without any marketing nature, as shown below:

国外牛人兼职创业:不会写代码,每天工作1小时,却靠这个网站月入1万美金-增长黑盒 - 增长黑客专用工具箱 - 增长黑客社区

b. Product shopping guides (such as "the best camping sleeping bag in 2017"), comprehensively introduce the characteristics of various commodities, with Amazon advertising links (profit through this). The following website:

国外牛人兼职创业:不会写代码,每天工作1小时,却靠这个网站月入1万美金-增长黑盒 - 增长黑客专用工具箱 - 增长黑客社区
国外牛人兼职创业:不会写代码,每天工作1小时,却靠这个网站月入1万美金-增长黑盒 - 增长黑客专用工具箱 - 增长黑客社区

TJ suggested that the proportion of articles in the information class and shopping guide should be controlled at 3:1.

3. Only the content is not enough, the key step is to promote. TJ did not choose to use it as a way to get traffic, but by manually creating a high quality chain. In two years, he built more than 200 of his own links on several high-authority websites. There are three main skills used by TJ: skyscraper, guest posting, and resource page. Do not expand in detail, please go to Google on your own, online tutorial is very detailed. The learning of external chain construction is very big. TJ recommends two websites for everyone to learn the external chain skills: Backlinko and Authority Hacker.

Sounds simple, right? In fact, at the beginning of the project, TJ was very hard and almost devoted all his spare time to the website. In addition, because the site needs to constantly fill high-quality content, it initially costs a lot of money – before it gets a stable profit, TJ spends $7,000 to hire a writer.

Seeing this, I believe that there are still many doubts in your heart. Below, TJ will answer the various questions of the forum users in detail, let's take a look at it:

1. Want to spend 7,000 US dollars to write an article? How is it so expensive?

TJ: I started to make a profit after I wrote 140000 words. The price of the article is almost 5 cents per word, 1000-2000 words per article, and a total of 100-150 articles at the beginning – 50-100 dollars per piece.

2. How long does the website take to start making money?

TJ: After I did it for 4 months, I earned only $100 a month. By the sixth month, the monthly income has reached $1,000. At this time, my outer chain began to work, and the age was long enough. In a few months, I reached a monthly income of 2,500 dollars, then 5000 dollars, 10,000 dollars, and spent a whole year or so.

3. How many articles do you want to write each month?

TJ: In the first few months, I usually published 25,000-35,000 words.

4. How much revenue can each article bring?

TJ: $25 to $1,000.

5. Does building a website like this require a lot of code knowledge?

TJ: No. To be honest, I don't understand a bit of code. My website uses Wordpress+ paid theme Genesis+WPX virtual host + various plug-ins (such as yoast, supercache) to build, 0 code base can be done. Because website profitability relies entirely on content +SEO, you don't need much code knowledge.

6. Your website has chosen a very niche, which will not bring you huge competitive pressure? There are too many people doing this!

TJ: I think that fierce competition is a good thing – it means that there is enough money in this market to make money. I would rather cut a small piece from a big cake, and I don't want to cut a big piece from a small cake! In addition, the broad theme means that there is endless content to write, and the products used for promotion are more diverse.

7. How to find a writer? Are all articles written by writers?

TJ: It takes a little time to pick a writer. My writer is hired from Upwork and has a commission of almost $600-700 per month. The writer is only responsible for a part of the article, and all the articles in the shopping guide collection category (including the promotion link) are written by myself.

8. What is the process for creating these articles?

TJ: First, I will use Ahrefs and Google to find articles that are popular on social media and search engines. I only pay attention to two things: the central topic and the number of words in these articles. Then, I will tell my writer "These are some of the best Google rankings. Please help me write a better, longer, more interesting article." Of course, I am lucky, find A reliable writer. From the first day of cooperation, he understood what I wanted and I trusted him. In the beginning, I will outline an outline and let him write. Now that we have enough tacit understanding, I will usually give the article title + reference material + target word number to the writer, and then let him play freely!

9. How do you do SEO keyword research?

TJ: I have never done keyword research for articles in informational categories. I only care about what readers are interested in. Therefore, I will select interesting topics related to my niche from well-known blogs and paper magazines, and then make a second creation.

For product guide articles, I will do a little bit of keyword research. However, my goal is to cover all the product categories in this niche in the article, so I don't care much about the layout of the keywords, nor the indicators of various keywords.

10. How many articles do I need to prepare for my website to start such a project?

TJ: 1 is enough. I started with a 2,500-word article, and one after another slowly accumulated. However, if you are going to contact other webmasters for a link, you need at least dozens of articles – this will make your site look more formal and others will be more likely to trust you.

11. Where does your traffic come from? Is there any black hat means?

TJ: Mainly relying on SEO to increase the ranking of keywords, about 85% of the traffic is Google Natural Search (the rest includes referral, social media, etc.). I never use black hats to increase rankings, and the risk is too high to be worth it.

12. Are you only doing Amazon League? Have you done google adsense like?

TJ: Yes, only the Amazon League. I figured it out. If I put some other affiliate ads on the website, I can earn $2-3,000 a month. But I want to make my website more pure, so I refused it!

Ok, today's case is introduced here. Solar Cubic sums up one sentence: routines and techniques are secondary, and the most important is execution. If you want to make money, just try it now, don't give yourself an excuse!

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